April 16, 2016 – Richmond, Virginia and Barcelona, Spain: Sanyal Biotechnology LLC and One Way Liver S.L. (OWL Metabolomics) have initiated a strategic partnership to provide increased value and additional R&D services to basic research and the pharmaceutical industry, announced at the International Liver Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Research companies and institutions who utilize Sanyal Biotechnology’s full service preclinical drug screening services on the proprietary DIAMONDtm mouse model can now include advanced lipidomic profiling analysis on tissues such as the liver. Sanyal Biotechnology is engaged with OWL because of their excellent industry reputation for providing high-quality scientific data on the metabolomic profile of tissue and fluid samples. This partnership will result in an increase in the depth and quality of scientific data available to CRO’s and pharmaceutical companies during their drug development process. Rebecca Caffrey, CEO of Sanyal Biotechnology, said: “We are very excited by the great potential of this collaboration. Our DIAMONDtm mice are in great demand by pharmaceutical companies who are developing drugs to treat various aspects of the metabolic syndrome, particularly dyslipidemia and liver diseases such as NAFLD and NASH. Because the changes in lipid profiles of our model closely parallel those seen in the progression of human disease, our clients want to know how their drugs change the lipid profiles of the DIAMONDtm mice during the course of studies. By partnering with OWL, we are able to offer researchers excellent and accurate analyses that will enhance their preclinical drug development.”